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  • Li Hongzhong, chairman of the provincial Civil Air Defense Enterprise Association, and his party visited Guotai to guide the work

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    [Guotai News] on July 16, 2020, Li Hongzhong, President of Jiangsu civil air defense enterprise association, Luo Zhongming, Gan yebin, vice presidents of Jiangsu civil air defense enterprise association, and responsible persons of relevant governing units of the association visited Cathay Pacific for investigation and guidance. Wang genbin, chairman of the group, Gao Yugui, executive vice president of the civil air defense division, and other leaders were accompanied by the reception. The two sides discussed the current situation and Prospect of civil air defense enterprises in the conference center on the 8th floor of the industrial park, and reached a consensus on the development direction of civil air defense enterprises.


    Mr. Wang extended a warm welcome to President Li and his party, and introduced in detail to President Li the development history, enterprise status and current industry opportunities of Cathay Pacific civil air defense. Then, Mr. Wang elaborated on Cathay Pacific's system planning and the development goal of civil air defense. Cathay Pacific is gradually and systematically creating a big power tiger Bureau. All leaders affirmed the development scale and development plan of Cathay Pacific civil air defense. President Li introduced the relevant work of the provincial Civil Air Defense Enterprise Association, and made a detailed description of the development of the civil air defense industry in recent years. Li said that the association attaches great importance to the development of the industry and will coordinate and solve the problems encountered in the development process of enterprises in a timely manner. The warm atmosphere of exchanges between the two sides has provided many new ideas for the development of Cathay Pacific's civil air defense.


    After the meeting, leaders visited Cathay Pacific Science and Technology Museum, laboratory and intelligent workshop, and had a field experience of Cathay Pacific industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing series workshop. During the visit, President Li fully affirmed and highly valued the achievements of the company's rapid development.

    Finally, on behalf of the group, Mr. Wang once again welcomed all the leaders. The development of Cathay Pacific civil air defense is inseparable from your support and cooperation. Let's seek common ground while reserving differences, create the future together, and contribute to the development of China's civil air defense industry.

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