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  • Celebrating the successful completion of the first meeting of Guotai Group's Listing Committee

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    [Guotai News] on the morning of July 21, the first meeting of Cathay Pacific Group's listing committee was successfully held in the conference room of Huizhi office area, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing. Wang genbin, chairman of the group, Liu Jing, executive vice president, Dong lailan, general manager of Internet of things, Zhou Yun, head of Jiangsu direct marketing center, attended the meeting. Leaders of all members of the listing committee had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the promotion of Cathay Pacific's listing.

    At the meeting, leaders of the committee introduced the progress of listing, the problems to be solved and the improvement plan. Wang genbin, chairman of the group, highly praised the dedication and strength of the special work of all leaders, fully affirmed the implementation results of various listing schemes, and issued important guiding opinions on the further listing promotion work. Subsequently, the general manager of the headline weekly introduced in detail the cooperation scheme between the headline and Cathay Pacific Group and the support work for the listing of Cathay Pacific fire protection Co., Ltd., and said that it would further promote the in-depth cooperation between the two sides and strive for win-win results. After that, according to the problems found in the current work, combined with the previous proposal, Mr. Wang optimized and discussed with other members of the committee, striving to constantly improve and refine.

    Finally, Mr. Wang summed up the results of the meeting and fully affirmed the positive role of the meeting in promoting the listing. All the members of the listing committee should be encouraged to complete the tasks of high-quality listing as soon as possible. Cathay Pacific Group's listing is on its way, and Cathay people will make common expectation and efforts for this.


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