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  • Guotai Group won the bid for Wuxi Yongle international project

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    [Guotai News] recently, Cathay Pacific Group received good news. Jiangsu Guotai Fire Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. won the bid for Wuxi Yongle international fire protection system equipment installation project and water and electricity installation project after several rounds of evaluation, and won the bid with a bid amount of about 3.7 million yuan.

    Jiangsu Guotai Fire Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific Group. It has the first-class qualification of fire-fighting facilities engineering design and Construction issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development. Wuxi Yongle international is located at No. 68, Yongle Road, Liangxi District, connecting Guangming Road in the East and Yongle East Road in the north. The construction land area is about 2248 square meters, and the land nature is commercial land and commercial land. The project is close to Nanchen Temple business district and Nanchang Street Business District, with convenient transportation, mature supporting infrastructure and strong business atmosphere, which provides a modern and fashionable space with rich and passionate residents.

    In this bidding, Cathay Pacific has been unanimously recognized by the jury for its excellent construction quality, strong technical strength, reasonable price positioning, honest and trustworthy operation mode and perfect service system. This bid winning is another great achievement of Cathay Pacific Engineering. Cathay Pacific will take advantage of the victory and strive to create better achievements.


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